bis zu -50% auf ausgewählte ABVERKAUFSSÄTTEL und alle Sättel der Marke Luis Madera

-50% SALE on selected saddles and all Luis Madera saddles

from JUNE 2023


We take many of our saddles out of the range such as the models Porto, Salamanca PFT, Leon PFT, Santiago PFT, Valencia Light, Barcelona PFT,…
You will find the saddles on our website with a price reduction of up to -50%.
This price reduction also applies to all Luis Madera saddles in stock.

As usual, end customers have the opportunity to test the saddle, although there is no return option for direct purchases. The saddles are sold with your choice of cushions (if stored) and original HIDALGO saddle covers. All sales models are excluded from returns and exchanges.

The offer applies exclusively to new goods.



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