Madeira Pony Saddle Brown review

Madeira Pony Saddle Brown

The seat from front to back measured 11 inches/28cm.  Stirrup bar to end of flap is 9inches/22cm.  This is nice quality Indian leather and the saddle is sold at an affordable price point.  I really like the stirrup bar placement.  It puts the rider’s leg under the hip helping create a proper leg position. There is substantial knee rolls and adjustable knee blocks under the flap that give good security to the rider.  There is a double Y girthing system, meaning both the front and back billet are the Y system and this can therefore accommodate many horses comfortably.  The billets can be taken off easily and traded for longer ones if using this saddle on a full size horse.  This saddle has D-rings at the pommel where a grab strap could be attached, and I think that would be a nice addition.  My riders are used to a saddle that has that built in and were kind of missing it.  There is an enlarged leather brace across the front that will help keep the rider from tipping forward, and that can also be used as a handle, but is not as easily gripped as a grab strap.  The seat is extra cushiony which looks comfortable, but little butts don’t have enough weight to settle it down and therefore the riders felt a bit perched on top of the saddle instead of down in it.  While this level of cushion is much appreciated by adult riders, I think the Madeira could do with slightly less cushion in the seat.  The back of the saddle could have a bit more contour up to give a little more spinal clearance at the back of the saddle.  I will try flexing it manually as the little riders aren’t heavy enough to shape the saddle and the part in the back between the panels was making contact with the spine at times.

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