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For more than 30 years founder and owner, Dr. Nina Holzer, is a passionate rider. Love for horses and the art of classic / academical riding were the core reasons to found the company HIDALGO Sattel in 2007 in Puchenau, close to Linz, Austria. And the need to find a fitting saddle…

HIDALGO Sattel is currently developing and improving the offered saddle range, especially the leather treed saddles, the bestsellers. The goal is to create innovative, stylish saddles that on the other hand also make sense for the horse. And this for reasonable prices!

HIDALGO Sattel is specialized in flexible leather tree and PFT (fully flexible saddletree) saddles with the belief that they are a contribution for the horses´ wealth.
Nevertheless the saddles are a contribution for horses due to its lightness and flexibility.
All offered saddles are and were tested extensively (in longterm tests and on long trails, done by HIDALGO itself or customers) and are designed by Dr. Nina Holzer herself in Spain.
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