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We mainly use best Italian or German leather. Every saddle (of the special series) is made by hand in the European Union.

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Your HIDALGO Saddle is always delivered in a set: saddle + saddle panels (in the desired measures) + knee rolls + saddle cover

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Please remind yourself that a leathertree needs to be ridden several times (up to 20-30 hours). Which means that the saddle has to be formed to the horses back. After this you can of course use it for other horses too.

Then you will sit very closely to the horse’s back. It is also possible to re-fit your HIDALGO Leathertree Saddle again and again, if your horse changes weight due to illness or other circumstances. We have experienced that most horses prefer a flexible leathertree. All pressure point measurements we were doing over the years were very satisfying.

Our Leathertree Saddles offer an excellent freedom for the horse‘s shoulder and are equipped with a 3-point girthing system.

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Detachable Panels: from 36 cm, Standard thickness is 4 cm, very strong velcro for heavy rider or sensible horses we can offer panels with a felt inlay, also soft or harder panels.
Metal Fitting: silver for all english type saddles, silver and gold for all spanish type saddles and spanish rings in silver or gold for all saddles
Seat sizes: from 16″ to 20″ or 30 cm to 36 cm in a spanish saddle

Our saddles do not have a gullet plate and are therefore flexible and adaptable in the chamber.

This offers the big advantage that the saddle can adapt easily to the withers and horseback itself.

The saddles have just one rigid element in the area of the stirrup attachment, that guarantees a perfect clearance of spine and withers. The stirrup attachment is open, like an ‚e‘. The stirrup leathers can be attached very easily (also underneath the saddle flaps in most of our saddles).

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Changing of a customer horse with our leather tree saddle

This Customer used our Valencia Spezial Shire leathertree saddle.

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