Leon PFT 17,5″ braun


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The Leon offers ambitous rides all they need! Its comfy english seat, available standard or deep, will not let you down on long distant rides.

It broad panels distribute the preassure equally on the horses back. The shortest lenght of the panels has 42cm.
You can use stirrup leathers or our HIDALGO Fender.

On the back of the saddle there are many rings, so carry all the goods you might need.
The kneeblocks offer perfect support without beeing disturbing.

• V-girthing with long straps
• Made in EU out of Italian leather, also available in Germany Kilger leather
• Polyflex Tree
• fillable with synthetic wool
• changeable gullet plate, 28-36
• short panels


saddle lenght: 45 cm
saddle flap: 56 cm
contact surface: 45 cm

  • with testing option
  • direct selling without return or exchange
  • includes saddle pads by choice and original Hidalgo saddle cover


Please contact us or one of our partners for more info!

Weight 6 kg




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